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Additional Services

My Pink Stilettos will format your manuscript for print and eBook distribution. We also offer consultation and feedback for authors seeking advice on the packaging of their books. 


If these services are desired below, we can…

  1. Create your account and author dashboard where you will monitor your book sales.

  2. Provide consultation as needed throughout the process.

  3. Make your book available for sale through online with retailers such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books-a-Million and many other fine retailers.

  4. Obtain an ISBN (You have the option of using a free default ISBN or you may purchase an ISBN).

  5. Apply for a control number from the Library of Congress. This will help facilitate entry of your book with the Library of Congress and local libraries where your book may be accepted.

  6. Set up a basic author’s web page (OPTIONAL – Prices will be discussed based on needs

  7. Create your book cover (However authors have the option of providing their own book cover.) Some restrictions may apply.

  8. Fill out your copyright forms (Author responsible for the fees associated with copyright registration that will be paid to the U.S. Copyright Office).

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