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1 - International Women’s Day:

The role of female diversity in literature


We’re all unique yet similar in so many ways.


The written word goes beyond borders. With its help, we get to learn our differences and appreciate them not only in the way we look but also in the way we think and view the world.


As a reader, literature has the power to take you on mental trips by staying where you are. As a writer, you have the power to inform and challenge millions of people around the world.


Female writers hailing from different countries have helped shape perspectives, influence women’s rights, and discuss countless prejudices and global issues throughout history.


This International Women’s Day, let’s pledge to always stay true to ourselves as fearless women, regardless of where we come from.


Women’s literature: The origins and importance

Centuries ago, women’s literature would not be considered worth publishing. Women barely had any rights and therefore, no voice to project their feelings, memories, and experiences.


In the eighteenth and nineteenth-century United States, women were far from being published authors. With no political rights and being considered second to men, the American Revolution eventually brought about a change in perspective, paving the way for women’s writing to be taken seriously.


But even now, every moment is no less than a revolution for women. Many females across the globe are stripped of their educational rights, subjected to domestic violence, rape, and countless other inhumane crimes.


So, although we’ve come this far, as a woman of today, you have the power to share your true or weaved story with a perspective that’s unique to you, combined with your geographical background.

Does every woman’s story truly make a difference?

Yes, every word of a woman matters because of our diverse mindsets and experiences. For example, an Asian woman would be having a very different lifestyle than a female living in North America. Our different cultural and geographical backgrounds allow us to celebrate each other while looking at the world from fresh, multiple perspectives.


It is jaw-dropping how we can influence the entire world with a single word. Have a look at the following benefits of writing:


  • You play an active role in society by pointing out the issues related to the present. These could be your problems, issues in your country, continent, or even globally. Opening yourself up to other women internationally can help cultivate healthy solutions and bring so many new ideas to the table!


  • Your voice gets to be heard by everyone. The digital age has made it easy to connect to others. Become friends with women from other countries on the same wavelength as you.


  • It doesn’t have to be all work and no play. While you share problems and discuss solutions, let’s not forget the cultural exchange too! Your words could be an inspiration for people of all genders, careers, and lifestyles!

Takeaway: Keeping the tradition of women’s literature alive

Living in the modern globalized world could take us all away from tradition. While there’s nothing wrong with being contemporary, literature helps to keep our roots deep within the tradition - as that is what makes all of us unique.


As a digital agency of women from 5 continents, My Pink Stilettos takes pride in being a part of the global publishing sector for women. We continue to celebrate the legacy and diversity of world literature. As a publishing and digital media agency for women, we aim to help you discover your true self.


Take a step forward with us and add your part of the story to millions of women across the globe.

2 - 5 ways in which writing empowers women all over the world

The power of the written word can transform many lives. Regardless of where you belong and live, it’s the same for women all across the globe. The publishing sector is booming now more than ever, taking in stories of all kinds.


Writing empowers women by encouraging them to come forward with their experiences, sharing them with others, represent their background, provide job opportunities, unleash their hidden feelings, and give a means of entertainment to people all over the world.


Here are 5 ways in which writing empowers women!

1. Writing helps tell true stories

As women, we have always felt unheard at one point in history. Even in the modern era, the prejudice against women exists in many parts of the world, if not all.


Since writing is straightforward, you could share stories very easily. These can be direct true tales or they could be messages and metaphors in the form of fiction. Regardless of the form, every word holds value when it comes from the heart.

2. Collective empowerment and inclusivity

When a woman speaks for herself, she becomes a narrator on behalf of other women too. The story finds its way in the heart of people worldwide. It motivates others to raise their voice and also share their opinions with regards to causes like human trafficking, health care, women’s rights, and so much more.


The greater the number of stories shared, the more it encourages other women to express themselves too. And this sense of collective empowerment can make any group or cause feel inclusive. As a writer, your words hold the power to represent your continent, country, ethnicity, religion, gender, and anything you could possibly think of.

3. Writing opens a portal of opportunities for women

Writing is both a complex and straightforward form of expression. In the age of mass communication and publishing, it’s not hard for the written word to spread far and wide.


And this is where media publishing steps into the scene. If you’re not comfortable with writing a book, there are always more areas to explore. You could try writing flash fiction on social media or articles on a blog.


If you’ve been having trouble securing a job, writing can help you with that! Even if you’re a fiction writer, you could enter into any field of writing and have an equal chance at other forms too.

4. Writing helps unleash trapped feelings

For women who have been victims of domestic violence, rape, and other crimes, it could be extremely difficult to speak up. And writing not only helps unleash hard feelings, but it also acts as therapy.


As a therapeutic process, writing can help you with feelings hidden in the subconscious too. When you write, repressed emotions and traumas come to the surface, making you feel more liberated than ever. It’s a very powerful source of self-improvement!

5. Writing provides hope and entertainment

Last but not least, writing in all its forms and genres is entertaining. And when it’s serious, it provides hope to the shattered and broken hearted. By sharing laughter and tears with other women, you’re adding something beautiful to the world.

Recap: Women empowerment via writing

All in all, writing is a powerful form of art. Female writers can help express themselves by sharing true experiences. And by doing that, they lend their voices to their entire community. From supporting global causes to unleashing personal creativity and trapped feelings, you can write your way towards a better future.


Everybody has what it takes to become a writer. If you’ve been having trouble in your publishing journey, you’ve come to the right place. At My Pink Stilettos, we help female writers from every continent get an equal chance to share their thoughts, experiences and stories with the world.

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